Processing of composite materials

A composite material consists of two or more components, of a nature and with different properties, suitably worked. Through special processes, TSI Technology Solutions Italy manufactures products or reinforcements in compostite materials "carbon fiber, glass fiber, kevlar" performing technicians in terms of strength, rigidity and lightness.

The fibers can be arranged in the form of fabric or with a unidirectional orientation, according to the uses to which the manufactured articles are intended.

The main production techniques used by TSI Technology Solutions Italy are the WRAPPING system which consists of wrapping the fiber on a male mold, made in the laboratory using special technologies and labor of highly specialized personnel and polymerization in ovens or autoclaves; VACUUM / AUTOCLAVE system consisting of the stratification and forming of pregregs materials on female molds, vacuum bag and autoclave pressure polymerization.

The TSI Technology Solutions Italy machining systems are based on well-designed designs through calculations and checks of the mechanical, aesthetic and above all the performance of the products that will be realized.