3D Scanning

EvixScan 3D

TSI Technology Solutions Italy offers a high quality and professional 3D scanning service, both in the private sector and in the industrial sector, using the best technologies available on the market. Among them we have the Evixscan Heavy Duty Optima 3D scanner based on the technology of the LED blue light and with Leios2 and SolidWorks Professional 2018 software.

The main areas of use: reserve engineering, quality control and rapid prototyping Overview, Evixscan 3D Heavy Duty Optima is a professional tool for reserve engineering for 3D scanning, contactless quality control and rapid prototyping of medium and large models.

The Evixscan Heavy Duty Optima 3D Scanner can be used with or without a turntable and allows you to quickly acquire existing objects and new engineering prototypes.

Ottimizzato combinazione di parametri chiave per il cliente: la misurazione ad alta precisione (fino a 0,0183 millimetri), ad alta densità di punti (95 pt / mm2 ) e un grande volume di scansione (250 millimetri x 170 millimetri x 120 mm).

In oltre la TSI Technology Solutions Italy offre un servizio di scannerizzazione e su richiesta del cliente la quotatura con disegno tecnico tramite software CAD SolidWorks.

The scans can be subsequently reproduced by 3D printing or CNC system.

EvixScan 3D EvixScan 3D