TSI polymerization Furnace TSI Technology Solutions Italy

Detail The TSI Polymerization furnace is made with forced air circulation and is built with top quality materials and accessories The maximum operating temperature is 300 ° C and for this reason the thermal insulation is mixed, made by coupling fiber-ceramic and rock wool fabrics The structure is made in order to obtain a very low thermal transmission to the outside and above all designed to obtain precise temperature cycles and fast exchange The supporting structure is made of sturdy tubular steel and the walls in stainless steel sheet The heating is entrusted to a static group composed of armored electric resistors with variable power according to the customer's needs and guarantees the process a very high temperature precision; internal uniformity is guaranteed by the continuous recirculation of the internal air thanks to fans For the polymerization of composite materials that require vacuum, the oven is equipped with vacuum pump and internal piping to obtain a continuous vacuum during the process The TSI oven is equipped with a tube with butterfly valve, connected to an anti-pollution filter unit, for the expulsion of any fumes that may develop inside the chamber during the polymerization process, and by a safety valve for eventual raising of internal pressure The entire polymerization process is managed by PLC, which can be customized according to customer needs The oven is supplied with a cart and user manuals in Italian, CE documentation, declaration of conformity and wiring diagrams as required by current regulations.

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[TS-F300] TSI polymerization Furnace